“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”


why the hell am my blog being so stupid like this !
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i live in a dump !

hey , it's kind of hard to be me .
i even me don't know who am i really .
no one appreciate my done .
i didn't have besties .
even my own cousin throw me away ,
i know i'm ugly , but i think i'm not suppose to me treat this way .
i want my own world .
i'm feeling lost here , i just want to know who i am .
not much , just who am i in this world ?
i love everyone around me , but why'd everyone try to kill me ?
suckss !

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hery guys , sorry long time no update :)
i'm sort of busy :)

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weyh hang , i miss you ! bodoh !
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me want to grab my crazy !!! 

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MSA :)

all the things that i type , it's all mine :)